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PostSubyek: [MOVIE] CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER   Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:04 am

a fragile boy, weighing only 50kg, brought extreme mood shame because
the military refused on health grounds only be classified as "helpless,"
said Steve Rogers immediately volunteered for a program government
experiment called Super Soldier (Super Warrior) by a leading scientist
offers the alias "Pr Erskine" implementation, in order to make a kind of
"super serum" to create a generation of soldiers who fought new.

So, Rogers is considered an ideal candidate for this job. He was taken
to a secret laboratory in Washington, where they shot him a dose of
"super serum" and for radioactivity by "vita-rays." Intellectually,
Rogers does not have any significant findings beyond New Deal of
President Roosevelt, but the muscles, he can lift blocks weighing 400kg,
has a fearsome agility and What a will does not manage well, but that
suffering did not have any bit of divine power.

But the army had a quick decision that the cost to produce the Super
Soldier too expensive in a fight. So they agreed to see him as a
celebrity in the military parade across Europe and to promote morale by
bringing the show Super Soldier in the U.S. Open. Even while he was
wearing a colored dress of the American flag.

When plotting to overthrow the U.S. of a Nazi party members were also at
Rogers debunking rise up and become the First Avenger (The first
revenge), and as Captain America (commanders, leaders who USA) to save
his country. Rogers has created a strong wave of fighting the Nazis
hearts of millions of American patriots, in order to bring hope and
justice to this country.

On its way to Germany to do the task to prevent their enemies - The Red
Skull, Captain America has sacrificed his life while rocket crashed into
the sea and the Arctic Ocean, freezes over six decades. After being
found and revived, Steve Rogers has joined the new force with new heroes
and become Avenger of the modern world.

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