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 The Agonist – Promo 2012

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PostSubyek: The Agonist – Promo 2012   Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:21 am

Posted by: Ben Posted on: Apr 27 2012 Posted in: photos, shootThe Agonist – Promo 2012

Bts Video by Five Knights
Alissa from The Agonist contacted me TWO WEEKS before shoot deadline
to ask me if we could put together some sort of crazy shoot. After an
hour of crazy brainstorming we managed to pull together an insane fight
concept that we put together in one week (leaving one more week for
We pulled our resources together and managed to whip up in a week: A
garage to shoot in, destructible clothing, and all the random objects
you see lying around (fire hydrant, couch, etc…). Alissa did the
makeup/rips for all the boys giving me a good three hours to set up a
crazy 10 light or so setup.
Oh and that exploding glass behind her head in the shot? Yah, that’s real. We exploded some neon lights for the shoot.
We did two main group shots in addition to a bunch of singles.
The first group shot is the main fight scene where we used a total of 8
flashes to light up the scene. Since I had a whole bunch of time to
set up my lights and the scene (close to 2 hours), it really gave me the
time to build the shot up like I wanted to!
Check out the final result:

For those interested in the technical lighting jargon here are the specs:
On either side of our main subjects (Alissa, Danny) we had some nice
strong edge lighting from some massive gridded softboxes. To add a bit
of soft fill to lighten the shadows we had a smaller softbox angled 45
degrees upwards on a lower intensity. Grouped with those two main
gridded softboxes, we had a pair of speedlights gel’ed blue to give a
nice blueish hue to the shadows of the image. From there, we had a pair
of monoblocs on either side of the scene, bare, just bringing in a bit
of harsh hairlight that was mildly diffused by the smoke spewing out of
our glorious smoke machine. And the final killer touch, in my humble
opinion that totally makes the shot is the speedlights gel’ed green in
the back behind those plastic-textured horizontal flaps. We bounced that
one off the back wall to get a nice even distribution coming forward.

Liat ini gann .. wkwkwkwk mantapp lol! lol!
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The Agonist – Promo 2012
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